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What Annuities Provide

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Fixed annuities offer you guaranteed income for the rest of your life.

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You choose when you want your income stream to begin.

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Protect your hard-earned income against market fluctuations.

Options That Are Adaptable to Your Needs

Type of AnnuityPurposeBenefitsRisk LevelComparable Product
Fixed annuityRetirement incomePredictable, low incomeLow riskCD or Treasury bonds
Variable annuityRetirement growthInvestment options, tax-deferred growthModerate to high riskMutual funds or ETFs
Indexed annuityMarket-linked returnsPotential for higher returnsModerate riskIndexed mutual funds or ETFs
Immediate annuityImmediate incomeGuaranteed income, market protectionLow riskFixed income annuities
Deferred annuityFuture income accumulationTax-deferred growth, flexible payoutsVaries by investmentsTraditional IRA or 401(k)
Fixed index annuityFixed and market-linked returnsGuaranteed minimum, market potentialLow to ModerateVariable annuities with GMIB

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